Traffic Control/Barrier Gates

When security is at its most important, Guardian can help with its line of Barrier Gates and Spike Strip system through DKS Door King. Security barriers and gates offer a high level of security to your premises. With the support of Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems, CCTV Systems, Intercoms and Access Control, our gates and barriers will act as a deterrent to unauthorized personnel. It will also create a solution for traffic control and improve security to your premises. Security gates pose the largest threat of security breaches. But with a gate, barrier, and road-blocker automation, you can reduce the need for manpower. This requires the design of appropriate gates, blockers, gate operators, and access control systems using the right fence materials that may include anti-climbing, anti-cutting, and/or terrorism resistance features.


Commercial Gate Systems

When it comes to Gate Operators for Commercial properties, look no further. Guardian Systems has the full line of DKS Door King and Linear gate operators to accommodate Slide Gate, Swing Gate, and Overhead Controllers for underground parking garages. Combine the operators with most Access control systems, and now you have the complete security system for controlling access through any gate.

Let our security consultants help you determine the right mix of our products and solutions to provide the peace of mind you deserve.


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