Home Theater Entertainment

Immerse yourself in the lap of luxury.

Home theaters are so popular that they are almost becoming a standard in new home construction. However, the definition of home theater has dramatically changed since they first started appearing on homeowners’ wish lists. Now, when clients come to us asking for a custom home theater installation, we must first ask the question:

“Do you want a custom-built, committed home theater, or a multi-use home theater installation?”

Dedicated Home Theater

Your own private cinema.

This is what most people envision when thinking of a home theater. Theaters have historically been delegated to the basement to maximize acoustic and lighting benefits. Thanks to innovative products created within our industry, this has changed. A dedicated home theater can be established anywhere in the home. With proper sound absorbing materials installed within or on the walls, ceilings, and floors, acoustic difficulties are no longer problematic. With easy-to-use lighting control systems and automatic remote controlled blackout shades, improper lighting also ceases to be problematic.

The major consideration when choosing dedicated space for your custom home theater installation would be, what room in your house makes the most sense to you? Guardian Systems will completely cater to your needs and choices. We use in-wall speakers and subwoofers to help keep your theater clean and modern and do not believe in “box theaters.” We have the ability and willingness to work around any obstacles your home has in order to obtain your desired results.

Multi-Use Home Theater

Versatility for your home’s needs.

For those who do not have the extra space or are simply not willing to give up the space for a dedicated home theater installation now have very viable options. In a well-designed and well-executed multi-use home theater, a visitor would have no idea they were sitting and talking in the middle of the family’s home theater. Cutting edge creative products have made it possible to completely disguise all signs of a home theater installation by discreetly integrating it into your home’s décor. Now that is total home theater customization!

Speakers can be inconspicuously built right into the walls with either paint or wallpaper applied right over them. A family favorite painting can be converted into a special canvas that will remotely roll down discreetly hiding a large plasma, surrounded by a frame of your choice. Blackout shades are custom made to your specifications to not only offer you aesthetically pleasing window treatments, but to also serve as part of your theater’s optimal lighting design.

Ease of Use

Simplicity in form. Powerful in function.

Guardian Systems believes that simplicity is key to frequency of use and procuring the greatest enjoyment level possible. In other words, if you feel your home theater is too complicated, you won’t use it! It is because of our commitment to creating an easy-to-use system that our custom home theaters feature personalized, custom control systems for simplified operation. The touch of one button can dim the lights, open the curtains to reveal the screen, set the optimal volume level, and display crystal clear video. It really is as simple as that.

Professional HD Antenna Installation

Using a simple antenna, you can start receiving local over-the-air TV broadcasts that look as good or better than cable or satellite TV. And OTA broadcasts require no subscription - they're free! If you live within a few miles of the TV transmitters serving your area, a small indoor antenna may do the job for you. If not, you'll need an outdoor antenna.

Guardian Systems can offer you a wide range of long range indoor and outdoor antenna solutions.

Let our security consultants help you determine the right mix of our products and solutions to provide the peace of mind you deserve.


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