Home Automation

What is it and what benefits can I expect?

A home automation system integrates electrical devices in a house with each other. Home automation may include centralized control of:



(heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)

Other systems such as your security system and home theater

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Devices may be connected through a computer network to allow control by a personal computer, and may allow remote access from the internet. Through the integration of information technologies with the home environment, systems and appliances are able to communicate in an integrated manner, which results in convenience, energy efficiency, and safety benefits.

Installing Home Automation Technology

What is the process?

Typically, a new home is outfitted for home automation during construction due to the accessibility of the walls, outlets, and storage rooms and the ability to make design changes specifically to accommodate certain technologies. Wireless systems are commonly installed when outfitting a pre-existing house, as they reduce wiring changes. These communicate through the existing power wiring, radio, or infrared signals with a central controller. Network sockets may be installed in every room like AC power receptacles. The consolidation of control or monitoring signals from appliances, fittings, or basic services is an aim of home automation.

In simple installations, this may be as straightforward as turning on the lights when a person enters the room. In advanced installations, rooms can sense not only the presence of a person inside, but also know who that person is and perhaps set appropriate lighting, temperature, music levels, or television channels, taking into account the day of the week, the time of day, and other factors.

Ease of Living with Home Automation

Making your life simpler.

Other automated tasks may include setting the air conditioning to an energy saving setting when the house is unoccupied and restoring the normal setting when an occupant is about to return. Home automation can also provide a remote interface to home appliances or the automation system itself via telephone line, wireless transmission, or the internet to provide control and monitoring via smartphone or web browser.

An example of a remote monitoring in home automation could be when a smoke detector detects a fire or smoke condition, then all lights in the house will blink to alert any occupants of the house to the possible fire. If the house is equipped with a home theater, a home automation system can shut down all audio and video components to avoid distractions or make an audible announcement. The system could also call the homeowner on their mobile phone to alert them or call the fire department or alarm monitoring company

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Total Connect Integration

Seize control of your home’s systems.

Guardian’s home automation and home lighting control products via Total Connect by Honeywell make sophisticated home automation and control practical and affordable for every home. We give you simple, centralized control over your lights, temperature, and security system.

Go A Step Further with RTI

Seamless automation for every system.

Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) is the world’s leading manufacturer of integration technology. Guardian can install RTI systems that let you control your home’s heating/cooling, lights, and security system, along with your audio systems and home theater -- all from one place. RTI’s flexible technology lets you completely control and monitor your electronic systems on all your devices, from anywhere in the world.

Control Your Lighting with Lutron Technology

Conserve energy and set the scene in your home or business with the most advanced automated lighting system on the market. Lutron has every tool you need to control lighting, provide shade, and reduce energy usage throughout your entire home or building whether you’re there or not. Lutron’s light control technology is an investment that pays itself off for years to come.

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