Active Shooter Detection System

Make every second count for your students, employees, and family.

During an active shooter situation, the most important things are knowing where the gunman is, reducing panic, and responding instantly when the first shots are fired. With the Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System, all of these are made possible for people throughout any building where the system is installed.

How It Works

This automatic system uses a combination of acoustic gunshot identification microphones and infrared gunfire flash detection. This dual factor authentication method allows the system to accurately detect real gunshots immediately – there are never any false triggers or alarms. As soon as the shot is detected, the Guardian System sends a floor map alert with the shooter’s location to every occupant registered in its system via text, email, and other notification pathways. The Guardian also contacts first responders instantly and initiates lock-down procedures in the building.

The Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System removes human response error and delay from an active shooter situation. This buys more precious time and increases the likelihood of every person escaping alive.

See Guardian in action on the Today Show:

Save Lives with the Most Accurate Gunshot Detection Technology on the Market

The Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System is trusted by schools, government entities, corporations, and other business across the world.

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